hot water dispenser

Wasei-eigo: 電気ポット (hot water dispenser)

hot water dispenser

【 電気ポット (denkipotto) 】hot water dispenser

電気(でんき)ポット, also called ジャーポット (another wasei-eigo), is an electric-kettle-and-thermos-in-one. Since we drink a lot tea in Japan, it is a staple home appliance in many homes. It is especially popular amongst the older generation, as you can imagine, because they drink a lot tea.

Around 2001, Zojirushi developed a 電気(でんき)ポット with a safety confirming service to remotely 見守(みまも)る “look after” elderly family members, especially those who are living alone. The recipient would receive an email whenever grandma uses the dispenser, a sign that she’s probably making some tea, confirming her safety, that she’s up and well.

Outside of the home, there is always a 電気(でんき)ポット at a コンビニ convenience store to provide hot water for customers who buy instant soups or cup ramen.


Below are some terminology that you’ll see on a Japanese 電気(でんき)ポット (to help you in case you get stuck at a コンビニ):

()かす =  boil

再沸騰(さいふっとう) = reboil

給湯(きゅうとう) = dispense hot water (this is the button that you want to press)

ロック解除(かいじょ) = unlock

保温(ほおん) = keep warm

Phrases for when the dispenser is out of water:

Excuse me, the dispenser is out of hot water.

Excuse me, the dispenser ran out of hot water.

*お() = hot water

Phrases for when the dispenser is not working:

Excuse me, the dispener isn’t working.

Check out more wasei-eigo around the home in this video.

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