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Learn Nihongo on Gakugram

Gakugram is a platform where you can learn Japanese through interactive mini-lessons made by individual creators — including Nihongo Flashcards!

You can listen to pronunciation samples, turn on/off furigana, and even look up words in the cards (click, tap or highlight the word).

The beta has just been released. Try it out!

Make Your Own Nihongo Flashcards

Use them as flashcards, play Memory, practice making sentences, learn through play!

Visit our free download site and follow the steps below:

1. Select your language in the sidebar.

2. Browse through the flashcard sheets by category.

3. Click the red button, read the guidelines, and sign up.

After sign-up, refresh the page and click the red button again.

4. Print and cut.

We recommend printing on thick paper/cardstock.

5. Play!

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Free Quizlet Sets

Hop over to Quizlet and learn more Japanese words with Nihongo Flashcards. You can study with flashcards, listen to pronunciation samples, and practice with quizzes and matching games.

If you’re interested in more, check out our Tip Jars and learn up to 600 essential Japanese words with Quizlet!

Fruits in Japanese
Vegetables in Japanese

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