hot water dispenser

Wasei-eigo: 電気ポット (hot water dispenser)

hot water dispenser

【 電気ポット (denkipotto) 】hot water dispenser

電気ポット, also called ジャーポット (another wasei-eigo), is an electric-kettle-and-thermos-in-one. Since drinking tea is like drinking water in Japan, it is a staple home appliance in many homes. It is especially popular amongst the older generation (who drink a lot of tea).

Around 2001, Zojirushi developed a 電気ポット with a safety confirming service to remotely 見守(みまも)る “look after” elderly family members (especially those who are living alone). The recipient would receive an email whenever grandma uses the dispenser, confirming her safety, a sign that she’s probably making some tea.

Now, there is always a 電気ポット at a コンビニ convenience store to cater to instant soup and ramen needs. Here are some terminology and phrases to help you so that you don’t get stuck at a コンビニ with no hot water, especially with a half-opened cup of instant ramen:

沸(わ)かす =  boil

再沸騰 (さいふっとう) = reboil

給湯 (きゅうとう) = dispense hot water (this is the button that you want to press)

ロック解除(かいじょ) = unlock

保温 (ほおん) = keep warm

When the dispenser is out of water:

Excuse me, the dispenser is out of hot water.

Excuse me, the dispenser ran out of hot water.

*お湯 = hot water

When the dispenser is not working:

Excuse me, the dispener isn’t working.

That was hot!

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