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【 Nihongo of the Week 】クチュクチュペ

ペッ (pe) is the オノマトペ (onomatopoeia) for spitting.

If a bug flies into your mouth, you would say, 


Or if you want a child or your dog to spit out whatever they just put in their mouth, you would say,


asking them to spit it out.

Let’s imagine you’re trying to get a 4-year-old to brush their teeth.

(は みがいた)
Did you brush your teeth?

歯ブラシに 歯磨き粉を つけて
(はぶらしに はみがきこを つけて)
Put some toothpaste on your toothbrush.


Did you wash your mouth?

(Did you gargle?)

[ Vocabulary ]

歯ブラシ (はぶらし) = toothbrush

歯磨き粉 (はみがきこ) = toothpaste 

うがい = gargle


Can you guess what クチュクチュぺ means?

, as we mentioned earlier, is the onomatopoeia for spitting.

is the onomatopoeia for swishing (kuchukuchu, as in the swishing sound).

So クチュクチュぺ is to swish-and-spit.

You’ll see (or ペッ) in manga or written dialogues, but クチュクチュぺ is only used with kids.

(おくちの けあで かんせんよぼう)
Good oral hygiene will keep the viruses away.

Hope you stay safe and healthy!

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