Wasei-eigo (Japanese-English) Terms – Office Version

Funny But Real Wasei Eigo (Japanese-English) — Office Version

How many “wasei eigo” do you know? Take the quiz and pick up new ones!

This video is the “office” version.

和製英語 (waseieigo), literally “Japanese-made English,” are English words that have been adopted into everyday Japanese.

New wasei eigo arise as new technology, culture, and concepts are introduced or imported. Some easily become a trend from a play on words.

For English speakers, they sound strange — more so with カタカナ pronunciation — but they are a unique part of the language and culture, so learning and getting used to them will help you communicate smoother in Japanese.

For Japanese natives, it’s difficult to know which words are wasei eigo and what the English counterparts are so maybe you can share what you learn here with your Japanese friends!

We’ve included sample phrases as well. Hope they’re helpful.

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