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Welcome to Nihongo Flashcards!

Nihongo Flashcards is created by design duo POMPETTE. Hiroko is the illustrator and Yuko is the content designer.

Learning a new language is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. We’ve experienced the same learning a foreign language ourselves.

There are many useful textbooks, apps, and online resources, but as design duo, we wanted to create a window for learning Japanese that is visually engaging, light-hearted, and useful. So, we started Nihongo Flashcards to introduce Japanese words through illustrated flashcards, one word at a time.

Here are the ways that you can learn Japanese through Nihongo Flashcards:

Flip through flashcards on the website and read the blog for study notes.

Join our YouTube channel. Watch bite-sized videos introducing words and phrases.
Listen to the pronunciation and accent of a native Japanese.

Download, print, and make your own Nihongo flashcards.
Study them as flashcards, play Memory (Pairs), make original quizzes and games, and learn through play.

Follow us on Instagram (That’s where we started!)

We hope you’ll join us, and we wish you the best on your journey of learning Japanese.

Here’s a quick intro video. みてみてね!

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nihongo flashcards pattern