lip balm

Wasei-eigo: リップクリーム lip balm

lip balm

【 リップクリーム・rippukurīmu 】lip balm, chapstick

リップクリーム is a wasei-eigo (Japanese-made English) for lip balm. リップ (rippu) for short.

(kuchibiru ga kasa kasa)
My lips are dry.

カサカサ (kasa kasa) is the onomatopoeia for dry (skin).

When the lips are very dry, they are ガサガサ (gasa gasa).


Some words that you may see on Japanese リップクリーム packaging:

薬用(やくよう) (yakuyō) = medicated

(うるお)い(uruoi) = moisture

・しっとり (shittori) = moist

保湿(ほしつ) (ほしつ hoshitsu) = moisturize

乾燥(かんそう)(ふせ)ぐ (kansō wo fusegu) = prevent dryness

()れたくちびる (aretakuchibiru) = chapped lips

・ひび()れたくちびる (hibiwareta kuchibiru) = cracked lips

無香料(むこうりょう) (mukōryou) = unscented, fragrance-free

無着色(むちゃくしょく) (muchakushoku) = no artificial coloring

医薬部外品(いやくぶがいひん) (iyakubugaihin) = quasi-drug; products that fall between drugs and cosmetics


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