energy drink

栄養ドリンク (eiyōdorinku) energy drink

energy drink

【 栄養ドリンク・eiyōdorinku 】energy drink

Some terms that you may see on 栄養ドリンク energy drink labels:

疲労回復 (ひろうかいふく hirōkaifuku) = recover from fatigue

滋養強壮 (じようきょうそう jiyōkyōsō) = analeptic

栄養補給 (えいようほきゅう eikyōhokyū) = nutritional supplementation

眼精疲労 (がんせいひろう ganseihirō) = eye fatigue

ノンカフェイン (nonkafein) = caffeine-free

栄養 (えいよう eiyō) = nutrition

栄養ドリンク are not necessarily nutritious per se, but some types can supplement vitamins and minerals. They may also help you overcome weakness when you’ve been sick and haven’t been able to stomach anything. Some are even 医薬部外品 (いやくぶがいひん — definition on the リップクリーム post).

Phrases For When You’re Feeling Weak or Tired

(genki ga denai)
I have no energy.

I’m tired.

I’m exhausted.
I feel week.

I feel drowsy.
I feel sleepy.

(nemukezamashi ni eiyō dorinku wo nomō)
I’m going get an energy drink for a pick-me-up.

*()()ます = wake up; 眠気覚(ねむけざ)まし = shake off sleepiness

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