毛抜き (kenuki) tweezers


【 毛抜き・kenuki 】tweezers

毛 (け ke) = hair
抜く (ぬく nuku) = pluck

毛抜き is tool for plucking hair. Tweezers for handling other small items is called ピンセット (pinsetto) as in pincette.

From its history and tradition of sword making, 関 Seki City of 岐阜 Gifu Prefecture has remained the center of Japanese cutlery manufacturing. They are known for producing quality knives as well as grooming tools.

If you’ve tried a couple of tweezers, you know that all tweezers are not the same. With quality 毛抜き made with skills and craftsmanship (slanted tip, perfect spring), you can pluck the smallest hairs, even pesky ingrown hairs, and groom to perfection.

A drugstore tweezer is good enough for emergency plucking, but a good pair of tweezers is worth the investment.

(a shiraga da)
Oh no, gray hair!

I need to pluck it.

I want to pluck it.

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