energy drink

栄養ドリンク (eiyōdorinku) energy drink

energy drink

【 栄養ドリンク・eiyōdorinku 】energy drink

Here are some terms that you may see on 栄養ドリンク labels:

疲労回復 (ひろうかいふく hirōkaifuku) = recover from fatigue

滋養強壮 (じようきょうそう jiyōkyōsō) = analeptic

栄養補給 (えいようほきゅう eikyōhokyū) = nutritional supplementation

眼精疲労 (がんせいひろう ganseihirō) = eye fatigue

ノンカフェイン (nonkafein) = caffeine-free栄養 (えいよう eiyō) = nutrition. 栄養ドリンク are not necessarily "nutritious" per se, but some types can be a nutrition supplement (vitamins and minerals) and may help you overcome weakness when you've been sick and haven't been able to stomach anything. Some are even 医薬部外品 (いやくぶがいひん — definition on the リップクリーム post).

(genki ga denai)
I have no energy.
I'm out of juice.

I'm tired.

I'm exhausted.
I feel week.

I feel drowsy.
I feel sleepy.

(nemukezamashi ni eiyō dorinku wo nomō)
I should get an energy drink for a pick-me-up.

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