ham cutlet

Japanese Dish: ハムカツ (hamukatsu) ham cutlet

ham cutlet

【 ハムカツ・hamukatsu 】ham cutlet

Made with thick slices of ham, sometimes seasoned with mustard, deep-fried with *パン() (panko), and topped with a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce, ハムカツ a Japanese ham cutlet is a tasty dish on its own. Although it was considered a “poor man’s dish” compared to トンカツ (pork cutlet) in the early 昭和(しょうわ) Showa days, it’s been a staple menu in 食堂 (Japanese diners), and for many, it is still a favorite つまみ (side dish to go with a drink) alongside a ハイボール or a cold glass of beer.

Today you can find ハムカツサンド ham cutlet sandwiches at コンビニ (convenience stores) as well.

*パン() (panko) = breadcrumbs used for frying

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