Japanese Dish: さんまの塩焼き Grilled Pacific Saury


【 さんまの塩焼き・sanma no shioyaki 】grilled Pacific saury

塩焼(しおや)き (shioyaki) = lightly salted and grilled

さんまの塩焼(しおや)きgrilled Pacific saury is commonly served with  大根(だいこん)おろし (daikonoroshi) grated daikon and a wedge of Japanese citrus such as すだち (sudachi). It is a popular menu in 食堂(しょくどう) (shokudo) Japanese diners in the Fall when it is (しゅん) in-season.

The kanji for さんま is 秋刀魚, literally written fall-sword-fish, as it is a fish ((さかな)) in-season in the Fall ((あき)), and it has a narrow silver body like a sharp sword ((かたな).

*さんま is also a famous Japanese comedian.

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