ホッチキス (hotchikisu) stapler


【 ホッチキス・hotchikisu 】stapler

A stapler in Japanese is called ホッチキス or ホチキス (hochikisu).

The onomatopoeia for the latching or clamping sound of a stapler is ガッチャン (gatchan). For this, some people in the northern part of Japan call the stapler ガッチャンコ.

On the other hand, some call it a ジョイント (jointo), which is easy to imagine how it came about.

So why is it called a ホッチキス?

The term ホッチキス came from the first stapler imported from America, the “Hotchkiss No.1” by the E.H.Hotchkiss Company in the early 1900s. Eventually, the brand name became a generic term for stapler in Japanese.

The staples or stapler pins are called 針 (しん shin; as in needle).

(hochikisu de tomeru)
staple with a stapler

(hochikisu de shiryō wo tomeru)
staple the report with a stapler

(hochikisu no shin ga kireru)
run out of staples

(hochikisu no shin wo nuku)
take out the staples

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