Hanami Picnic Part 3 – Japanese Phrases

Learn Japanese Phrases – Hanami Picnic Part 3

The cherry blossoms are almost in full bloom in Tokyo, and soon the petals will be fluttering — another beautiful moment that we look forward to every year.

Now, for our hanami picnic video series, the two friends have enjoyed their cherry-blossom-viewing-picnic and are getting ready to wrap things up.

Do you know the Japanese onomatopoeia for describing fluttering petals? Find out in the video and pick up more phrases!

If you missed Part 1 and 2, check them out and follow the conversation from the beginning:

Hanami Picnic Part 1

Hanami Picnic Part 2

In the Part 2 blog post, you can also learn more about why cherry blossoms are a significant flower in Japan.

Hope you found this series helpful.
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