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Learn How to Text in Japanese

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Texting and Messaging in Japanese

When you start learning a language, whether you start with a textbook (like Minna no Nihongo) or a free app (like Duolingo or Memrise), basic greetings are introduced in the beginning – like おはよう and こんにちは. But then, they go into vocabulary and grammar. You can’t wait to learn more conversational phrases.

You want to connect with a Japanese friend or a language exchange buddy, or you met someone online. You want to read manga in Japanese or watch anime without subtitles. 

Of course, you can’t skip over the basics. But let’s take a break from textbook studying for a moment.

Here are some everyday words and phrases that we commonly use when we text in Japanese. (We even created LINE stickers for them!) Watch the video for sample chats and see how they’re used.

Everyday Japanese Text Messages: 

Good morning


Good Night


Thank you.


What do you think?




よろしく is short for よろしくお願いします
Thank you (in advance).
Thank you for taking care of that.

Otsukaresama is a word used in a few situations: 

1) at the end of the working day after a hard day’s work
2) to show appreciation when a job is done
3) a greeting at work

おつかれさま is the casual form used between colleagues and friends, or from a superior to a subordinate; おつかれさまです is the polite form used towards a superior or someone older to show respect. 


By the way.
That’s right.


Good idea.
Sounds good.


Looking forward to it!
Can’t wait!


Oh dear.
Oh gee.
What to do?


Oh no.
(A word that shows disappointment.)


That’s too bad.
That’s unfortunate.
That’s disappointing.


What can I say?




Got it!

あいちゃん stickers are available in the LINE Sticker Shop. みてみてね!

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Learn more texting and messaging phrases in this video.

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