Sushi 101 – Spring Toppings and Sushi Basics

Sushi 101 - Spring Toppings and Sushi Basics

When you go to a good sushi restaurant — certainly when you visit Japan — you want the freshest, tastiest fish that they have, which means you want to order fish that is in season.

It this video, we introduce ネタ (nigiri toppings) that are in season in the Spring, as well as some sushi basics (terminology and etiquette).

Of course, there's no strict rule on what to order and how to eat sushi (order what you like, eat them in the order that you prefer), but we hope you find the tips helpful!

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恵方巻 (えほうまき ehōmaki) fortune roll

fortune roll

【恵方巻 (えほうまき ehōmaki)】fortune roll

恵方巻, or simply 太巻き (ふとまき futomaki) which is the general term, is eaten on 節分 (せつぶん Setsubun) to welcome Spring and good fortune for the new season. 節分, literally meaning “seasonal division,” is on February 3rd, which is the day before the beginning of Spring called 立春 (りっしゅん).

Some regions have a tradition of eating the 恵方巻 facing the 恵方 "lucky direction" of the year.