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Thank you for finding us, following us on Instagram, and watching our YouTube videos.

If you’ve enjoyed our content or learned something new and would like to “tip” us, we would be every so grateful and you would make our day.

Not only that, but it will allow us to continue creating.

So if you tip us in the ¥2000 tip jar, we’ll share a special bundle of Quizlet flashcard sets with you as a thank you, including 600 essential Japanese words with illustrations and audio!

・150 Food, Drinks, and Cooking Terms
・100 Household Items and Verbs
・100 Colors, Clothing, and Personal Care Terms
・100 Body Parts and Directional Terms
・100 Numbers, Days, Months, Time, and Weather Terms
・50 Adjectives and Emotional Expressions

On the order confirmation page and email, there will be a link to a downloadable PDF. The PDF will include a link to the folders and passwords to unlock the sets.

Thank you for your support and acknowledging our work.

Your contribution will help us to continue Nihongo Flashcards.


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