Japanese flashcards ladle

Make Your Own Nihongo Flashcards

Now you can make your own Nihongo Flashcards for free! 

We’ve created a free download site to make learning Japanese more playful. We hope this will be a fun tool for Japanese learners of all ages, teachers, tutors, and parents.

Watch the video, follow the steps below, and learn through play!

2. Select your language in the sidebar if you have difficulty navigating the site. 
3. Browse through the flashcard sheets by category.
4. Click the red button, read the guidelines, and sign up.

After sign-up, refresh the page, and click the red button again. (When you access the site from another device or browser, you may need to sign up again, in which case you can use the same email.)
5. Print and cut.
We recommend printing on thick paper (cardstock).
6. Play!

How to Use the Flashcards

Study the cards as flashcards.

Play Memory (Pairs):
Match the illustration and Japanese.
You can play solo, with a partner or in a small group. You can also add categories, make a big stack, and make it more challenging.

Create your own quizzes.
Reader has the word stack and describes the item without saying the word; players look for the illustrated card.

We’ll be adding more sheets regularly, so be creative, and make original games. We hope you enjoy the cards and we wish you the best on your journey in learning Japanese.

Check out more bite-sized Nihongo videos on our YouTube channel.