【 ポッキー (pokkī) 】”Pocky” by Glico

Pocky was born in 1966 as the first stick-type chocolate snack. The idea of the uncovered “handle” bottom that kept your fingers chocolate-free was revolutionary. (Check out their history and vintage packaging.) Loved by kids and adults over generations, it has become a classic Japanese snack.

The name comes from the snapping ポキポキ sound of biting on a Pocky.

Pocky made its way over to Europe in the 80s. It was named and marketed as “Mikado” as the form was similar to the Mikado pick-up sticks game that was popular at that time.


ポキポキ is a オノマトペ onomatopoeia for a snapping, cracking sound.

指(ゆび)をポキポキならす = to crack one’s knuckles

The branch snapped.

It’s called Pocky because it makes a “poki poki” snapping sound.

I want some Pocky. I haven’t had them in ages!

ひさしぶり = a long time since the last time

Resources: Pocky Site (Glico)