Types of Ramen ラーメン

How many types of ramen do you know?

This video introduces the different types of Japanese ramen and toppings. Listen to the pronunciations and learn some simple phrases that you can use when you go to a ramen shop in Japan.

Which type is your favorite? 


Types of Ramen:

醤油(しょうゆ)ラーメン soy-sauced based broth

(しお)ラーメン salt-based broth

豚骨(とんこつ)ラーメン pork bone-based broth

味噌(みそ)ラーメン miso-based broth

つけ(めん) dipping noodles

Typical Toppings:

ネギ scallions

のり seaweed

味付(あじつ)玉子(たまご) egg marinated in soy sauce

チャーシュー braised pork

メンマ seasoned bamboo shoot

なると cured fish surimi

バター butter

コーン corn


What is 中華そば (chūkasoba)?

When ラーメン was introduced in Japan, it was called 中華(ちゅうか)そば (chūkasoba) because it was Chinese noodles in a Chinese-style soup. (中華 = Chinese)

With the opening of Japan in the Meiji era, the dish spread from 横浜中華街(よこはまちゅうかがい) (Yokohama Chinatown) throughout the country and quickly becoming a national favorite.

Today, there’s a ramen shop on almost every corner of any restaurant area. When you’re in Japan, you’ll be able to spot the popular shops with a long line trailing outside.

中華そば is usually shoyu-based and many old-school 大衆食堂(たいしゅうしょくどう) (Japanese diners) still have it on the menu. So if you want to have a classic bowl of ramen, go for 中華そば.

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