How to Count Everyday Items in Japanese

How to Count Everyday Objects in Japanese


Japanese nouns don’t have a plural form. Instead, a counter called 助数詞 (じょすうし) follows the noun when specifying a number or amount.

Once you learn the counters, you’ll see a pattern as some counters cover a range of items that are similar in shape and form.

Learn how to count clothing, paper, books, e-mail, vitamins, home appliances and more in the video. 

一枚 (いちまい)

一本 (いっぽん)

一着 (いっちゃく)

一足 (いっそく)

一個 (いっこ)

一巻き (ひとまき)

一箱 (ひとはこ)

一通 (いっつう)

一件 (いっけん)

一冊 (いっさつ)

一粒 (ひとつぶ)

一脚 (いっきゃく)

一台 (いちだい)


Q: How do you count notebooks?

(A: See the answer below.)

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