Japanese Onomatopoeia for Describing Food

puru puru

New Video! Animated Japanese Onomatopoeia — Food Series

Do you know what シュワシュワ or こんがり is like?

There are thousands of onomatopoeia オノマトペ in the Japanese language—also known as 擬音語 (giongo) and 擬態語 (gitaigo)—that we use daily.

They express and enhance subtleties that are hard to articulate with words, which also means that some are difficult to translate.

So, we’ve created an animated onomatopoeia video with sample phrases! 

オノマトペ are not only useful, but they’re also fun to use, so check out the video and boost your Japanese conversation skills.

More オノマトペ series to come, so come and join us if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet. Hope to see you there!