ハロウィン Halloween in Japan


In the past few years, Halloween in Japan (especially in Tokyo, Shibuya) has become bigger than ever.

あいちゃん (Ai-chan) is contemplating what to do and what to be for Halloween this year. Learn some daily Japanese phrases in the video and find out what she decides to be. Turn on the caption for English subtitles or listen in Japanese for practice. Do you get excited about Halloween? What will you be? なにになる?

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Makeup Terminology メイク用語

Makeup Terminology メイク用語  in Japanese

How do you say “apply primer” or “curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler”?

What is “pimple,” “dark spots,” or “dark circles” in Japanese?

Find out in the video!

Listen to あいちゃん (Aichan) go through her makeup routine and learn Japanese makeup terminology.

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ミキサー (blender)



【 ミキサー (mikisā) 】blender

ミキサー is a “blender” in Japanese — so what is “mixer” in Japanese? ハンドミキサー

「入」= on
「切」= off

Let’s make a smoothie.

But I’m too lazy to get the blender out.

I’ll just make a fruit salad.

How many fruit names do you know in Japanese?
Find out in the video: Learn Japanese Fruit Names



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