友チョコ (tomochoko)


【 友チョコ・tomochoko 】”friend chocolate”

In Japan, the tradition is for the girls to give chocolate to the guys on Valentine’s Day, but nowadays, there is a バレンタインチョコ for everyone, including yourself:

・本命チョコ (honmeichoko) = for “the One” (from a girl to a guy)

・義理チョコ (girichoko) = a “courtesy” chocolate, mainly for the workplace

・友チョコ (tomochoko) = for your girlfriends

・逆チョコ (gyakuchoko) = “reverse chocolate,” when the guy gives the girl chocolate

・マイチョコ (maichoko) = for yourself
or 俺チョコ (orechoko) = when guys buy for themselves