Japanese Stationery: ホッチキス (hotchikisu) stapler


【 ホッチキス・hotchikisu 】stapler

Also called ホチキス (hochikisu). Some people in the northern part of Japan call a stapler ジョイント (jointo) or ガッチャンコ (gatchanko). The word ガッチャン (gatchan) is an onomatopoeia for a latching or clamping sound.

ホッチキス became a generic term, taken from the first stapler that was imported from America, the "Hotchkiss No.1," by the E.H.Hotchkiss Company in the early 1900s.

The staples or stapler pins are called 針 (しん shin; as in needle).

To staple with a stapler is ホチキスで留める。(hochikisu de tomeru)

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