How to Count Food and Drinks in Japanese

How to Count Food and Drinks in Japanese — 食べ物や飲み物の数え方

Since there is a multitude of counters in Japanese, learning all of them can be overwhelming. So in this series, we’re introducing the most frequently used ones, by category. (Learn why we use counters here.)

Once you learn a handful of the basics, you’ll see a pattern as some cover a range of items that are similar in shape and form.

In the video, you’ll find that counters for food and drinks differ depending on the form of serving.

Below are the counters introduced in the video:

一品 (いっぴん、ひとしな)

一皿 (ひとさら)

一人前 (いちにんまえ)

一膳 (いちぜん)

一個 (いっこ)

一貫 (いっかん)

一杯 (いっぱい)

一合 (いちごう)

一玉 (ひとたま)

一本 (いっぽん)

一串 (ひとくし)

Happy counting!

Learn how to count everyday items in this video:

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