Japanese Bread: コッペパン (koppepan) long roll

【 コッペパン ・koppepan 】long roll

コッペパン (koppepan) is a long roll sliced in half, similar to a hot dog bun used for sandwiches like 焼きそばパン (yakisobapan). コッペ is believed to have come from the French word coupé (cut, sliced); パン comes from pão, "bread" in Portuguese.

Koppepan has been a standard in 給食 (kyūshoku) Japanese school meals since the early Showa-era. For many people コッペパン is 懐かしい (natsukashii), it brings back fond memories of their school days. Maybe it comes from nostalgia—lately, コッペパン bakeries and stands are a growing trend in Tokyo. えびすぱん (Ebisupan) in Ebisu is one of them specializing in koppepan sandwiches.

Five minutes from Ebisu. They have a few seats inside and outside, and a take-out window.

Ebisupan has about a dozen tempting sweet and savory koppepan sandwiches to choose from—peanut cream, strawberry jam with whipped cream, honey milk cream with roasted walnuts, tonkatsu, curry, salmon with sour cream, to name a few—as well as side soups, salads and drinks for a complete lunch set.

koppepan sandwich egg
えびすコッペ ・タマゴ (egg) ¥180  Each bun is stamped with えびすぱん.

Their best-sellers are タマゴ (tamago; egg) and あんこマスカルポーネ (anko masukarupōne; whipped mascarpone and sweet red bean paste).

Their original koppepan, made of all-natural yeast, is extra soft and ふわふわ (fuwafuwa) fluffy with a delicate sweetness that goes well with both sweet or savory fillings. It is like no other koppepan, much more than a hot dog bun.

koppepan sandwich sweet
あんこマスカルポーネ (whipped mascarpone and sweet red bean paste) ¥250

Light, creative and おいしい! One savory and one sweet koppe sandwich is the way to go.

えびすぱん Ebisupan
1F, 1-23-16 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
(Five-minute walk from Ebisu Station)
Open: 11am-6pm

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