Makeup Terminology メイク用語

Makeup Terminology メイク用語  in Japanese

How do you say "apply primer" or "curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler"?

What is "pimple," "dark spots," or "dark circles" in Japanese?

Find out in the video!

Listen to あいちゃん (Aichan) go through her makeup routine and learn Japanese makeup terminology.

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ミキサー (blender)


【 ミキサー (mikisā) 】blender

ミキサー is a "blender" in Japanese — so what is "mixer" in Japanese? ハンドミキサー

「入」= on
「切」= off

Let's make a smoothie.

But I'm too lazy to get the blender out.

I'll just make a fruit salad.

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More Japanese Idioms Using Body Parts

More Japanese Idioms Using Body Parts

Japanese idioms are easy to misunderstand if you don't know that they're idioms. So あいちゃん is here to help! More Japanese idioms using body parts.

Don't be offended if someone says 顔が広い to you. (What!? I have a wide face? No.) It's a compliment that you are well-connected.

In the video are the following idioms. Learn their idiomatic meaning and how to use them in a sentence with sample phrases.







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remote control

リモコン (remote control)

remote control

【 リモコン (rimokon) 】remote control

リモコン is one of the common 和製英語 wasei-eigo (English-sounding words made in Japan) used in daily Japanese.

In pre-remote-control days, we used to say,


to change the TV channel, as in turn (まわす) the dial.

Today, we say 「チャンネルを変(か)える」to change the channel.

Can you pass me the remote (control)?

I can't find the remote (control).

The remote (control) is not working.

   *効かない = 反応(はんのう)しない、効果(こうか)がない not responding, not working

The remote (control) is broken.

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