Learn Japanese on YouTube

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Learn and practice basic Japanese on our YouTube channel!

Learning a new language is challenging enough, but when you have to learn a new alphabet, it can be overwhelming. Learning the letterforms and pronunciation, memorizing the order — it’s a lot of work!

We’ve been introducing Japanese words with illustrated cards for some time now, but from our own experiences of learning a foreign language, we thought it would be helpful to add sound to the cards and introduce pronunciation as well.

Imagining that not everyone has regular access to a native Japanese speaker around them, we’ve started a YouTube channel わーい!

In our first round of videos, we are introducing ひらがな hiragana and カタカナ katakana with Japanese food words, to make them more inviting than the typical words that you may see on a hiragana-katakana chart.

The latter half is a drill where you can test your memory and practice pronunciation.

(Some of you may be past this level, but it can be a fun brush-up while you look at おいしそうな (oishisouna) tasty-looking illustrations!)

Here is the ひらがな Hiragana playlist:

And here is the カタカナ Katakana playlist:

We hope these are helpful and we hope you enjoy. There’s more to come so if you want to see more, subscribe to our channel and stay tuned — hope to see you there.

Happy YouTube-ing!