yukimi daifuku

「雪見だいふく」(Yukimi Daifuku)

yukimi daifuku

【 雪見だいふく (yukimi daifuku) 】”Yukimi Daifuku” by Lotte

The heavenly ice cream snack, ice cream wrapped in mochi, was introduced in 1981. Mochi ice cream is widely popular, but this is the original mochi ice cream.

Did you know that they have four different packaging designs (different 雪見 bunnies and pick designs) for the standard 雪見だいふく? If you’re feeling lucky, you might get the rare one!

Yesterday, the Japanese government announced the name of the new era — 令和(Reiwa). The new era will officially begin on May 1st, so as the 平成 (Heisei) era is coming to an end, many businesses and brands are creating a buzz around the transition.

As for 雪見だいふく, it is running a poll to revive one of the 24 雪見だいふく that was introduced in the Heisei era (from tiramisu, custard pudding, cherry blossom, to sweet potato).  Check out the 24 flavors here!

The 雪見だいふく is a delight as it is. But if you’re feeling creative, you can try different 雪見だいふく recipes to jazz up your snack time !

Resources: Yukimi Daifuku Site (LOTTE)