tirol choco

「チロルチョコ」(Tirol Choco)

tirol choco

【 チロルチョコ (chiroruchoko) 】”Tirol Choco” by Tirol Choco

Inspired by the nature and simplicity of the Tyrol region of Austria, the original チロルチョコ was in the shape of three current-size cubes connected, like three mountains. When it was introduced in 1962, as chocolate was still a luxury, the 10-yen chocolate quickly became popular.

Due to economic changes and the rising cost of raw materials, they shifted to selling them as single cubes for 10 yen since 1979. Followed by the quick spread of 7-Eleven convenience stores, seeing this as an opportunity for wider distribution, they made a larger version for barcode printing purposes. Today, supermarkets and コンビニ mainly sell the larger 20-yen cube.

チロルチョコ has had a variety of flavors over the years, but the classics are オリジナル (in the TIROL chocolate packaging) which is milk chocolate with coffee nougat inside, and ミルク which has a creamy milk filling.

きなこもち (a mochi-type gummy wrapped in きなこ soybean-flour-flavored chocolate) was a sensational hit and is still popular.

They also have limited versions in some regions (as in Hello Kitty and Gudetama), so when you stop by a コンビニ as you travel through Japan, you might be able to grab a local チロルチョコ.

Have you seen these at Japanese コンビニ? Do you have a favorite?

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