「チョコボール」 (Chocoball)


【 チョコボール (chokobōru) 】”Chocoball” produced by Morinaga

チョコボール are not just chocolate-covered peanuts. They have a crispy layer in between the peanut and chocolate that make all the difference!

キョロちゃん, the beloved bird mascot, was first introduced on the packaging in 1967. The beak-like opening was also implemented at this time to make it easier to dispense the chocolate.

In the beginning, the mascot was unpopular amongst the チョコボール team so they decided to give the bird at least a かわいい cute name — which turned out to be キョロちゃん. (Perhaps because he has キョロキョロ wandering eyes?)

No one knew the bird’s name, or knew it had a name, until it was revealed on the box in 1991. (Learn more チョコボール history here.)

The side perk of チョコボール is the おもちゃのカンヅメ “can of toys” that you get when you collect the エンゼル mark (angel icon of Morinaga) printed on the クチバシ “beak” opening. You can receive a box with one golden angel or five silver angels.

The toy gift box has gone through an evolution of its own, and there are チョコボール fans that collect them.

Did you know that they ship the can of toys for free overseas? Collect away!


Resources: Morinaga チョコボール Website