curry udon

Unique Japanese Dishes

Unique Japanese Dishes 日本のユニークな食べもの

In this video, we introduce some Japanese foods and dishes that are classic Japanese favorites, but not your typical sushi, ramen, or delicacies.

They’re creative combinations made with simple ingredients, that give a twist to a standard dish, and most can be homemade.

Have you tried any of the foods or dishes?

フルーツサンド (fruit sandwich)
ハヤシライス (Hayashi rice)
ナポリタン (spaghetti Napolitana)
ドリア (Doria)
カレーうどん (curry udon)
和風ハンバーグ (Japanese-style hamburger steak)
メンチカツ (minced beef cutlet)
うな重 (Unajyu)
やきそばパン (yakisoba in a roll)
卵かけごはん (raw egg over rice)

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