Japanese Street Food: お好み焼き (okonomiyaki)

Japanese savory pancake


【お好み焼き (okonomiyaki)】Japanese savory pancake

(この)み (okonomi) means as you like, which means you can choose what you want in your okonomiyaki.

Kansai-style vs Hiroshima-style

Have you heard of the 関西風(かんさいふう) Kansai-style and 広島風(ひろしまふう) Hiroshima-style お好み焼き?

While the Kansai-style is a thick and dense type of pancake, the Hiroshima-style is grilled yakisoba noodles and a layer of steamed cabbage sandwiched between two layers of thin crepes. For the Kansai-style, the ingredients are mixed in the batter and grilled.

Cabbage, pork and seafood are the main ingredients for both styles, but there is usually a side menu of additional ingredients such as cheese, mochi, and kimchi. You can order the additional toppings or ingredients, depending on your liking, your お(この)み.

Both are topped with okonomi sauce (sweeter and thicker than worcestershire sauce), かつお bonito flakes, (あお)のり green seaweed flakes, and mayonnaise.

If you want to make okonomiyaki at home, you can buy お(この)()() okonomiyaki flour and お(この)みソース okonomi-sauce at the supermarket.

How to Make Kansai-style Okonomiyaki

The Hiroshima-style is a challenge to make at home, but the Kansai-style is quite easy.

Chop up some cabbage, mix it with the batter along with your preferred ingredients.

Grill one side, top with thin slices of pork, flip, and finish grilling the other side.

Top your okonomiyaki with the okonomi-sauce, mayonnaise, and toppings.


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